Uniting Our People Around Core Values

With a global manufacturing footprint, distribution teams in 57 countries and approximately 4 million sales outlets worldwide, BIC thrives on a shared corporate culture. The Human Resources team, along with our senior leaders, seeks to continue to nurture this common culture, founded on BIC’s Values and Philosophy, while encouraging local initiatives. Protecting and improving the health, safety and well-being of our team members remains the number one priority. BIC remains committed to developing the skills of our team members and creating opportunities for professional advancement, as these are foundational inputs to the achievement of our industrial and commercial goals.



We are honest, open and fair, and demand an environment where everyone feels respected, included and heard.


We dream big and create clever, simple, yet bold solutions for our consumers, customers and teams.


We make courageous, timely decisions and deliver ambitious results that delight consumers across the world.


We drive sustainable growth while making meaningful contributions to our team members, communities and the world.


We believe that simple solutions are often the best solutions when faced with complexity, we respond with clarity.


We set high standards, trust each other, and work together across boundaries, holding ourselves and each other accountable.

Health and Safety

For the Group, workplace safety means ensuring the physical and mental well-being of team members by preventing accidents and occupational diseases. BIC adopts a Health & Safety program that allows it to guarantee a working environment that protects the physical integrity of team members. In keeping with its Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S) Policy, BIC strives to prevent or at least reduce health and safety risks for its team members, subcontractors and those living or working near its production facilities.

Promoting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Group wants to create an environment in which employees, suppliers, business partners and its communities feel valued and respected. At BIC, cultural and individual diversity is considered an essential part of team culture. As part of its Diversity, Equity & Inclusion strategy, BIC has made a number of declarations, including: