FY 2024






Net Sales
(in million €)

2,345 2,280 2,376

Net Sales change
at constant currency excluding Argentina

+4.9% +3.5% +6.4%

Adjusted EBIT*
(in million €)

352 346 357

Adjusted EBIT Margin*

+15.0% +14.9% +15.2%

Adjusted Net income Group share*
(in million €)

248 237 259

Adjusted EPS*
(in €)

5.90 5.58 6.12

FCF (before acquisition and disposal)
(in million €)

249 224 299

*Adjusted means excluding normalized items

Forward-Looking Statements

The information below is a non exhaustive summary of the estimates of the analysts who monitor BIC's share. These estimations have been compiled by the BIC Group and are provided for information purposes only.

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